Jun 11, 2014

101 by mp216 at 6:01 with 100, 142 & Hertwig 720. Great batch of honkage from Jim,  plus waving from the cab and ECH on the tread flapping his wings.  Fusees were lit and did not have to worry about grass catching fire as had some heavy duty rain storms earlier.  Hot train of IM with a few empty bare tables, one Ashley and lots more UPS. My guess is for Father's Day.  Meet in FO with 202 & poor Caboose yet again home in bed and really under the weather,  so no vids again tonight.  Since rain has abated for now,  will wait on 202.
Anita caboose

Sorry,  check that.  Another round of storms heading this way and well over an hour for 202, so going west to hopefully avoid this round.  Will try to catch the double T's tomorrow.